Friday, September 7, 2007

And now, a word from our sister paper

Similar to (but not as cool as) the Salt Lake preps site that Rich pointed out is the Kansas City Star's Varsity Zone.

Just wanted to show that this type of thing is feasible on the McClatchy platform, autonomous as we may be. And perhaps most importantly, it calls for reader submissions right at the top, which is crucial for rounding out coverage of prep sports.

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Andria said...

One thing I'd like to see that we might be able to affect:
Viewers need "breadcrumbs" from slideshows back to the page where the viewer clicked on the slideshow.
Hitting the back button 20 times to get back where they started isn't real friendly. Kansas City's slideshows and ours seem to have the same drawback. Ours have an active button that can take them back to home page, but not the page that listed the slideshows where they started.
Since some designers are putting together slideshows, we can urge our online folks to find a way to add such a thing.
More here: