Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What readers want

Jim McBee of SmartNews, formerly of Bluffton, used LinkedIn to ask contacts how they would improve their hometown paper. I believe he plans to share his research at SND Boston in just a few days.
Read about it and more at his new blog, Lamentations. And check out his links, including The Blogslot. The j-blog world is mighty crowded, but Jim has interesting perspectives, and is trying to change journalism in nearby Fayetteville, so he's worth watching.
I'm linking permanently under journalism links.


Jim McBee said...

I appreciate having my blog shared, but my post hardly qualifies as 'research,' although it's always valuable to be reminded that most readers don't have the same laundry list of concerns as us pros. I have no formal plans to unveil anything at SND, that was just the spark.

That said, folks, please feel welcome to further the conversation on the blog.

Andria said...

Thanks for the comment. I thought it was pretty dern good research, though going through LinkedIn might skew things a bit. Hanging out at the coffee shop or the Quick-E-Mart might yield different results.
And good luck on the blog.