Friday, August 10, 2007

More Bridge Observations

I'm posting this one for Tommy Tomlinson:

"Hey y'all,
Howard Weaver actually has a good idea on his blog about how to do a project on crumbling infrastructure in our community, with the aid of readers who take photos of bad bridges and such. This would be a really cool experiment for us.
Back to leslie: Richmond did a similar idea right after the collapse, where you could go to their site and find bridges in your neighborhood. I don't remember it being searchable, but maybe I'm just not looking in the right spots.

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Andria said...

The people at have begun a conversation about infrastructure. They're smart folks who know where to gather information.

And some already know how to build the maps Weaver refers to.
See one on development here:

I'd say:
--join the conversation already started there. Some folks are craving media attention to the issue and would appreciate our involvement. And it adds to our online street cred (I'm not too old to use that term) to acknowledge the conversation has already begun and to ask for help from the experts.
--hire one of their map builders, for $200 from a freelance budget somehow, if we can't get anyone on staff with the time and expertise to do it quickly. Give that person tons of in-print credit and publicity. Even if it means having the map hosted on an outside server, that could work if it were a public, open-source, nonprofit organization and continue to add to our street cred. Hard part is figuring how to add journalistic fact-checking to work by outsiders over time.