Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blogging from Ifra Newsplex

Randy Covington, the director of Ifra Newsplex at the University of South Carolina, is blogging at In a recent post, he examines the role of Facebook in coverage of the Ocean Isle Beach fire.

Newsplex also has a revamped Web site.

h/t Doug Fisher


Andria said...

Ifra has a cool YouTube video up too, showing how the future will give us all workspaces that resemble Iphones.
Or something like that.

Andria said...

Me again.
I recommend folks go deeper from the links Rich posted.
In particular, dig down to the convergence newsletter from Oct. 2007, with essays from Laura Ruel of UNC and Randy Reddick of Texas Tech.
Quoting Reddick:
"And other than having some new tools, good journalists today look, smell, walk and quack very much like good journalists of 50 years ago."