Monday, November 19, 2007

Local calendars: Our neighbors want them

As the busy holiday and art seasons approach, and as the political year of 2008 nears, our neighbors are crying out for decent social calendar tools.
Someone, or several someones, will figure out the right tools, and then steal our ads or find another way to make money from it, if we're not there first.
I could include many links of what some papers are doing, but the reality seems to be no one has it right yet. Let's keep looking and sharing.
If we share information, we can evolve faster.


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Andria said...

That's part of the equation, but not all.
Who inputs the data? Why? How do they get rewarded for that? Who decides what details to include?
(Example: for my neighborhood, it's not enough to say "John Doe has an art exhibit;" you have to say "John Doe, father of the twins born a year ago, husband of Beth, the guy who rides the old bike, has an art exhibit."