Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Humanity, generosity, change

Excerpts from a Rebecca Blood interview with Trine-Maria Kristensen, a Danish blogger and expert on social media. H/T to Deb Aikat's online UNC class:

"How do you think blogs can be used by businesses? Why is this important?

Humanization. "...Relationships are not build with brands but with people. We can forgive people — we can't forgive brands."

Generosity: "Generosity. Individuals inside the organization telling customers what they know. Not in order to get something back but to show that they are "large" in the good sense. (In Denmark "to be large" means that you share a lot, and are generous with your time, knowledge, fairness.)
This is important because the more knowledge you give away the more you get back. If knowledge is internal and hidden it is worthless. Mutual generosity is the glue in strong relationships."

Change. A company can use the feedback from a blog to actually change something. Or they can use the blog to talk openly about change, problems, dilemmas, difficulties or things that are just not good enough. This is important because in order to understand and embrace change we need information and to talk to someone we trust."

Trine-Maria's blog is here, but most of it's in Danish. If anyone finds an online translator for full web pages from Danish to English, please share.


Trine-Maria Kristensen said...

Yes my blog is mainly in Danish - sorry about that - but please don't hesitate to contact me directly if there is anything in the interview Rebecca did with me that makes you curious.

I always feel the dilemma - I can't really join the global conversation as long as I blog in Danish - but I can't be as local and social here in Copenhagen if I start blogging in English :-)

Best regards

(for some reason I can't leave a comment here with an e-mail adress and a weblog-url?)

Andria said...

"Tak," Trine-Maria.

We've had some Danes from CCI visiting. They taught me at least to say "thank you" in Danish.

Andria said...

...and on the email address and url:
I haven't been able to figure out how to do that in Blogger either. You can put the letters in, but it doesn't seem to make an automatic link, and if the address is long, you have to manually enter a "return" to keep it readable.
There must be another way...