Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Meet the Panoramist

Gary O'Brien has launched The Panoramist. Go there.


Rich said...

Variation on a (panoramic theme):

Gary's site is very cool. Shows off some of the great things being done with panoramics. (Also the first time I'd seen the term "viewser.")

Reminded me of a project I heard about last week. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has partnered with a Carnegie Mellon startup to offer "Gigapan" images on its site. From what I can tell, these are panoramics on steroids.

A robotic camera mount is used to create panoramics that users can "interact with." Check out the Trib examples here. Read more about the project here. ... And then check out users' Gigapans here.

Gary O'Brien said...


Thanks for the note... I can't take credit for the term "viewsers", though. I heard it in a multimedia seminar some years ago. If I can remember where, I'll attribute it.

It's a good term for our world today, combining our "viewers" and "users" of our products.

The gigapan concept is powerful. Kind of like "Where's Waldo", only on steroids. Thanks for turnining us on to it!