Tuesday, March 11, 2008

RSS without the RSS

Have a colleague you've been dying to teach RSS? Want them to discover what you've been reading online about journalism?
Now you can forget the RSS and send them to one place.
Yeah, it's overload. Yeah, not everyone's there. But it's an easy way to share stuff with folks who just don't want to go learn that Google Reader thing right now.
Check it out.
My favorite new find there: Celebrity English. Headlines: "Jennifer makes an error in parallelism."


Leslie Wilkinson said...

This is definitely a great launch pad for all kinds of research. Glad to see a couple visual sites have made the list.

But, what I love about RSS is that it shows me immediately what's new and what I haven't read so I don't have to keep coming back wondering if I've read something already.

Andria said...

Reposting this, for one of my co-workers who's just discovering blogs.
On the RSS, though, I so agree. I'm an addict. Loved having IGoogle up yesterday to see updates via Twitter through Facebook of what was happening at the Obama event. Live feeds. That's why we're in this business, no? Information junkies.