Friday, May 9, 2008

See how easy it is to add Twitter to a site?

OK, so I'm coming a bit late to this whole Twitter thing and am still trying to figure out its appeal potential ...

But, imagine if every reporter were texting updates from meetings, from crime scenes ... from the newsroom. And all those Tweets were collected on a page on ... Talk about the latest in breaking news!

We all know frequent updating draws users back to news Web sites. With enough of the right people contributing to a Twitter stream, you can't get much more frequent than this...


Hat tip to WCNC's excellent Twittering of the election. But does it just have to be for "big nights"?

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Rogelio Aranda said...

I had tweeted to Leslie and Andria a couple of weeks ago about a potential use for Twitter: Get staffers AND readers to to tweet from breaking news scenes and events (heck, think Panthers games - Doh JAKE! Wrong guy to throw to!).
However, the issue of Tweet moderation pops up. Twitter is more of a streaming, live feed, and to moderate it would go against the spirit of Twitter. Think "The Buzz" issues.