Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gadgets and magic

News on your phone or other gadget.
Imagine that.
It's already being done at WBTV Wireless for $2.99 a month through Verizon.
Google, of course, has a Beta free version now too, but I couldn't find what I think would be the most useful feature -- Doppler radar on a mobile device. That would change the lives of many soccer parents.
More magic, on the geekier visual side: Apple showed Observer workers the basics of Final Cut Studio this week. The instructor described this workflow (such a nasty word):
He makes a draft of a multimedia movie with sound, publishes out of Final Cut Pro to a Mac blog, which Itunes picks up automatically and sends out to his client on his Ipod. No hassle with burning a DVD and delivering it to the client.
Magic. It's here. Dick Tracy would be amazed.
Who's Dick Tracy? Oh, never mind.


Rich said...

A couple years ago, in another life, I got a call out of the blue from an Apple rep who was trying to get more newspapers to set up podcasts and publish them on the Web and on iTunes. The Philly Inquirer was one of the big proponents of this, and they've continued to have a lot of success with their Philliescasts and other Web-only radio shows. They're very easy to set up and publish, and Apple said they'd always be happy to take papers through the steps. The tough thing is getting a staffer or three to commit to creating them regularly...

Leslie Wilkinson said...

I'm also excited to see the iPhone. Wonder who'll be the first in the newsroom to get one?

Have you seen the ads for these little whizbang beauties? Fabulous example of smart design. Would I expect anything less from Apple?

As for podcasts, Tonya still does hers weekly. She's got a little studio set up in the bunker (the room behind the microfilm). Wasn't that another task force some time ago? Maybe the new library guy who has radio experience would be interested in helping once he gets settled.

What kind of subjects would/should we explore? What drives podcast traffic?

Leslie Wilkinson said...

I wanna iPhone: