Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The next step

Can we combine this blog with the McLean Project and make it public?
Goals: sustainability, scaleability, optimism.
It wouldn't be a place to read about layoffs. It wouldn't be a place to complain and whine. Do that in private, verbally.
It would be a place to post new thoughts, ideas and links about what we should be learning and doing next.
And by public, I mean accessible to all, but only publicized slowly, in a small way, to people we know are interested in the newsroom. If it gets bigger and gets hits from outside later, all the better, for transparency's sake.
But all posts should be done in a way that acknowledges that anyone can see them.

Are you in?

And what should be its name? And what content should move over from the old blogs?


Andria said...

Ronnie said:
maybe we should use the oinnovate and try to move over some of the mcclean project posts? would it be better to keep it as a private blog, though, so only observer staffers could read it?

Andria said:
I'm fine with Ronnie's ideas.....but....

I hate oinnovate. It sounds like Oin or Gloin or some other dwarf from The Hobbit. But if it's not awful to others, sure would save some work to use something existing.

Why not private?
Because of some Howard Weaver stuff said at under May 4 posting.
Plus I think it's easy to hide in the volume of stuff on the Internet, until we get good enough that we want people to read us. And I it would keep us positive and solutions-oriented if we knew others might see it. And it minimizes signup hassles to go read it.

But if that's too scary, private's fine with me. Just more of a hassle to administer. And I'm willing to bet few would go read it. Case in point: the forums under the Big O, which require signup.

Andria said...

trent said:
sure, i'm in, though i'm not exactly sure what "in" means in this context. and if you're looking for buy-in from my task force team members, they are: Jim Walser, Ronnie Glassberg, Rich Mathieson and Liz Chandler.

no bright ideas for a head yet.