Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thanks, Dr. Fink

Conrad Fink, the UGA prof who was so often quoted during the Knight Ridder sale, is now spreading hope. I visited his class in March, and he and his students reassured and energized me.

Here's Fink's latest, talking about his students in an interview with The Ventura County Star:

"They see this revolutionary change that we're in now as simply a matter of course. I find them looking forward to helping write the new business model of the newspaper industry," he said. "I find them intrigued with the online dimensions of the industry.

"I don't see the fear and trepidation that so many of us in the older newspaper generation feel with this kind of change."

Enrollment in his undergraduate newspaper management and strategy program is at an all-time high, said Fink, professor of journalism and director of the University of Georgia's Cox Institute for Newspaper Management. He is the author of nine journalism textbooks and a former executive vice president of Park Communications.

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I like the new category: Hope.