Monday, June 11, 2007


... from an intern training session. Intern was asking about what video editing software we use:
"I haven't done a print-only story since freshman year."
Which is interesting. I've talked with people who say they're seeing J-school students coming out with NO multimedia experience. But, I've also talked with people who are impressed with the caliber of multimedia skills students have. One in particular mentioned the strength of the program at UNC.

My contact at the Tampa Tribune's site, told me in an email interview:
"We recruit recent graduates for our corporate multimedia intern program, in which participants spend time in all three parts of the operation. It's been a great success, with several of the interns getting jobs upon completion. Surprisingly, we're seeing only a small proportion of students with broad multimedia experience, although that number is growing."
Here's hoping we give this class of interns some room to stretch into more than just print only stories. What other schools are doing great things with multi-platform journalism education?

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