Tuesday, July 10, 2007

News to Use

So, text alerts aren't just messages about boring traffic reports or sports scores. I just got an alert from the News-Press of Fort Myers, Fla., (for which I thought I'd opted out, but that's another story) that's really important news.

Text of the message:
All four 11:59 p.m. showings of "Harry Potter" for tonight at the Bell Tower Shops have sold out.

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Andria said...

Truly important.
News that affects how one lives.

General expert buzz about things like Backfence etc. these days is that the solution isn't just "hyperlocal," but stuff that helps people live their lives.

When I think back to the heyday of Mecklenburg Neighbors, it was filled with that information. Gail Smith-Arrants, Dianne Whitacre, Susan Patterson, Steve Snow, Cliff Harrington, the late Brooks Maxwell and others focused on helping readers navigate life, and not just on a surface "News2Use" level that most folks can already figure out.

Where can I get rid of extra paint and home chemicals? How can I sign up my kid for cheap summer camp? How can I maneuver the logistics of getting to a crowded Harry Potter midnight movie?

We need to go back to the future.