Thursday, July 5, 2007

pod and paper

This small paper's Web site has a feature that allows you to download stories to your iPod.

Go here for an example:


Rich said...

I was thinking this was going to be an (audio) podcast, but it's a reprint of the story that can be downloaded and read on a newer iPod equipped with the Notes feature.

Not sure who would want to read actual articles on a tiny iPod screen.

More practical, I would think is something like this download from Des Moines, which lets people download a full list of bars and clubs in the Des Moines area.

"You can take the Juice Bar Guide with you wherever you go. You can get details on more than 300 bars, and search by city."

Andria said...

Agree, Rich.
One of the more intriguing things about Ipods is that they can serve as portable, external hard drives.
Producers of "The Lord of The Rings" used them for early rushes in New Zealand years ago. We could use them the same way to send over audio/video from the Panthers stadium without counting on really fast Internet access. Or from hurricane sites if no Internet was available.
What's awesome about our jobs these days is we get to think all the time about what content works best on which media. And that gets into sociology, psychology, etc.
My daughter pointed out that sound and video that are not in sync produce a psychology-labeled syndrome. Cognitive dissonance or something. Our Declaration of Independence video did that. We didn't take enough time to preview and rework there, and it was noon on July 5 before we were trying to fix our mistakes.
So the study of perception helps us understand which media to use for what, and how good something has to be, and which sins of production are fatal and which are "good enough." Thinking constantly about how readers will use the information, and stealing ideas from other industries like film, accomplish the same objectives.
That kind of thinking makes our jobs fun now. I just wish there were more time for it...