Tuesday, July 10, 2007

UT-Austin Conference: Journalism and Citizenship

Thanks to cyberjournalist.net for this link:
University of Texas conference starting Friday on Journalism and Citizenship. Pretty impressive looking list of scholars who'll be speaking. Good stuff's sure to come out of these discussions. Including:

“What the Blogger Knows: The Emerging Knowledge Practices of Personal Journalism”
“Media on Media: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Professional Mass Media and Bloggers”
“History Writing 2.0: Journalist and Citizen Agenda-Setters in the Coverage of Hurricane Katrina’s Anniversary”
“Important News but Complex: How the Web Generates Public Interest in and Understanding of Science, Health and Technology”


Andria said...

Interesting note:
One of the speakers at the conference spent a little bit of time at The Observer way back interning or researching. I think it was while he was working on his master's:
Wilson Lowrey, University of Alabama
“Changing Audiences, Uncertainty and Control”
I can't find anything online reporting conference results. There a link somewhere?

Leslie Wilkinson said...

I was looking around yesterday, but didn't find much. I'll do a little more digging and see what turns up.