Friday, July 6, 2007

Newspaper staffing levels

Jack Shafer at Slate compares staffing levels at The Washington Post and The New York Times in 1972 and now. Credit goes to Trent for finding the article.
One quote:
If hard-news sections take a disproportional hit as papers rescale, all the iPhones and Googles in the world won't matter.
The full story.
Read the comments too. It's worth pondering how our new technology has broadened the work of newsroom employees, not just made it easier. And is it more efficient to have mojos who do everything vs. assembly-line jobs? Indianapolis is outsourcing photo toning; but if someone sends a reporter an emailed mugshot, should that reporter be able to put it into production herself, or should she hit the forward button through three other people to get it in the paper?

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